Over Kim Somberg, tekstschrijver en redacteur

About Kim

From an early age I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up; a writer! Blessed with a healthy imagination and an unsateable hunger for knowledge, stories and essays were popping up one after another. While I was studying at the University of Utrecht, I learned to conduct research on specialist subjects and to write at an academic level in Dutch as well as English. During my college years I worked as a board member and editor for the A.G. van Hamel foundation. During this period I have with much pleasure contributed to colloquia, exhibitions, interviews and writing, editing and translating articles.

After my graduation I started working as an editor for the NPO (Dutch Public Broadcasting), where I was responsible for assembling, editing and writing texts and content for the Dutch tv-guides. Next I worked for the programming department of tv channel TLC for Discovery Networks, where I was responsible for channel strategy, scheduling, creating thematic stunts and writing promotional texts for new programmes. On the side I have worked on several incidental assignments in the field of editing, reporting and organisation.

"I am passionate about turning complicated facts into an easy to read text."

In 2015 I made the big decision to start as a self-employed text writer, editor and translator. It's my passion to tell stories. By listening closely and performing thorough research I write various kinds of texts in an appealing and clear manner, keeping in mind the target group, media platform and the message. My assignments consist of translations from English to Dutch, corrections and writing articles. The last few years I have specialized further in the writing and optimizing of web texts, because I was noting an increasing need for websites that generate high search results by applying a straightforward style to tell what a company does and what it can offer.

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Besides these activities I also publish my own online magazine Ripple Magazine with articles about all kinds of interesting subjects which fall outside of the margin. I live in the city of Utrecht, together with my husband Robin and our two cats. In my spare time I love to engage in reading, music, movies, cooking, (pastel)drawing, architecture, photography, travel and writing my first novel.

Photo's by me

Menorca beautiful unspoilt beach with hills and forest
Cala Pregonda on the island of Menorca
Madeira beautiful coast near Seixal
Coast near Seixal on the island of Madeira
Menorca beach Cala Macarella bay
Cala Macarella on the island Menorca
Corsica northern coast Calvi forest and sea
Coast near Calvi on the island of Corsica
La Gomera walking path GR132
Walking path on the island of La Gomera
Big jungle tree Thailand with big roots and light shining through
Natural reserve Khao Sok in Thailand
Candlelight from candles in holders in dark cave
Underground tunnels in Naples
Menorca walking path nature park des Grau
Nature reserve des Grau on island of Menorca

Language booth during Zolo-event at Molen de Ster in Utrecht

Booth on language fair with exercises and games
Six word stories tutorial on table with paper and pens
Six word stories tutorial on table with paper and pens and letters

Other creations

Pastel drawing abandoned mountain village Madeira
Pastel drawing of an abandoned village on Madeira
Pastel drawing of coast with houses La Gomera
Pastel drawing of La Gomera
Self-made purple Victorian wedding dress
Hand-made Victorian wedding dress
House plan with porch and angles
Plans for an imaginary house
House plan with glass courtyard
Plans for an imaginary house
House plan tower with annex
Plans for an imaginary house

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